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Building a good sales pitch

There are 5 steps to a good sales pitch. These 5 steps can be used, not only in a sales pitch, but in any conversation. The steps allow you to stay in control of the conversation without being pushy or aggressive. Use these five steps whenever you talk to someone you will be amazed at thre results, especially if you are single and want to meet people. They work great for getting dates!

1. Introduction: The introduction is the most important step. First you want to greet your customer. (Example: "Hello, how's it going?")

Then you need to put your customer at ease, we call it: 'BREAKING THE ICE' (Example: "Don't worry, I'm not going ruin your day!" or "Don't worry it's nothing serious!")

Remember you only have 10 seconds to make a good impressions, so smile and use direct eye contact.

2. Short Story: After you have introduced yourself, you will probably be standing on someone's doorstep. Your customer will be wondering why you are there? This is when you tell them what your product or services are, and that you are offering a Fantastic Promotion Door to Door.

Next you want to find out if your customer qualifies. Ask a few short questions to find out if your customer can use your product or service. We call these: 'QUALIFYING QUESTIONS' If your customer doesn't qualify, don't waste any time pitching them. They won't buy what they can't use.

After insuring your customer qualifies, you have to peak their interest. We call this a 'HOOK LINE'. A hook line is designed to peak your customers interest, so they want you to tell them more about your Fantastic Promotion. You must create your own hook line by using an incredible discount or bonus product from your Fantastic Promotion. A good hook line usually gets a response like: "What's the catch?" It's an invitation for you to tell them more.

3. Presentation: This is where you present your product or service. You physically put it in your customers hand. If your product is a service, make sure it is printed on a certificate or brochure that you can hand to your customer. Remember: (POSSESSION IS 9/10's OF THE LAW) once your customer has your product in their hand all you have to do is convince them to pay for it.

When explaining your Fantastic Promotional offer, use the K.I.S.S. principal: (KEEP IT SHORT & SWEET) If you bore your customer with too many details they will lose interest and no longer be impulsed enough to buy.

4. Close: After you have finished explaining your Fantastic Promotional offer, it's now time to close the deal. Do you remember in your short story, when you asked qualifying questions? You can now use these to your advantage.

As your customer has already told you that he can use your product or service, you need to confirm this by making a 'RE-QUALIFYING STATEMENT' (use your customer's answers, to your earlier qualifying questions, in a statement).

Next you have to ask for the sale, (Close) then shut up. Don't say anything just wait for a response. Your customer will do one of two things, either buy your product or service, or give you an objection.

Don't be scared of objections it's all part of the sale. When a customer gives you an objection it usually means they want to know more. When you get an objection from a customer, they will give you a reason for not buying, if not ask them for a reason. In order to close your customer again you must cover this objection.

Once you have covered their objection, use a re-qualifying statement for confirmation. Then ask for the sale again, shut up and wait for a response. Don't say anything, let the customer speak first.

You may have to cover 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 objections before getting the sale. Statistically most people Buy on the 2nd or 3rd close. By giving you objections, your customer is just asking you to give them a few more reasons to buy.

Closing takes practice, you have to come up with creative ways to cover objections. If you cover all your customers objections they will buy. However if you start to get stupid objections, or objections that don't make sense, STOP, you are wasting your time. Just thank your customer for their time and move on to the next door. Stupid objections just waste your time and cost you money, people who give you bogus or stupid objections are known as tire kickers. Remember not everyone buys!

5. REHASH: This step is only used after you have made the sale. Rehash means: (DOUBLE YOUR CASH!) Once you have one sale it doesn't hurt to suggest another one for a gift for somebody. After all it's a limited promotion you're offering and too good to miss! Make sure you have the sale first! If you get greedy you can loose your initial sale! Don't forget this step, it can increase your sales by 20 to 30%. After all your customer was impulsed enough to buy one, why not two?

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