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Impulse Factors

People Buy things from Door-to-Door salesmen, on impulse. Nobody wakes up in the morning, wishing for someone to knock on their door and sell them something. It's our job to create such a Fantastic Promotion that people will be impulsed to buy. There are four main factors you can use to create impulse. Fear of loss, urgency, the Jones theory and indifference.

1. Fear of loss: Your Fantastic Promotion or discount, must be a limited time offer. Example: ("We only have 100 products for this area, and they are going like crazy!") Nobody wants to miss out on a good deal.

2. Urgency: You must create an urgency to buy today. People will buy on impulse, only if you can get them excited about your promotion. Example: ("Today is the last day we will be offering this promotion in this area!") It's the now or never concept.

3. Jones Theory: Have you heard the saying: "Keeping up with the Jones' "? It is so true, nobody wants to be the first person to buy. If your customer sees that their neighbours have bought your product or service, it's got to be worth buying! When you make a sale, record the customers name and address on a sales sheet, or a tear off stub from your certificate or brochure. You want to show other customers that their neighbours have bought your products or services, this way the customer feels more inclined to buy.

4. Indifference: One of the hardest factors to master. Never appear desperate for a sale, if you do, your customer become skeptical, and will not buy. You have a Fantastic Promotion which is well worth the money, so you don't have to beg for a sale. Example: ("It's up to you whether you get one today or not, but I've only got a few left and they are going like crazy!") Be careful with this one if you are too indifferent you can loose a sale. It just takes a little practice.


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