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Welcome to the School of hard knocks

This section is divided into eight different areas that will help you develope your Door-to-Door sales skills.

These areas are the main focus for developing your sales skills, althought the material is based on residential Door-to-Door sales you can transfer the concepts to practically any direct sales situation.

Many people believe that it takes a certain type of person to be a good direct salesperson. This however is a myth. Anyone can be a good direct salesperson. All it takes is a little training and a lot of practice. It would be silly to say that only certain type of babies can walk! Eventually all babies learn how to walk and eventually learn how to run. Learning the skills to be a good direct salesperson is similar to learning to walk. At first you are very wobbly on your feet and need support. Support comes in the form of your sales training material. After you have taken a few steps you may fall a few times. This is all part of the learning process. Falling is not a big deal you just have to reach for a little support and try again. This is how you learned how to walk.

When you were a baby you were motivated to learn how to walk as it opened up a whole world of possibilities for you. Learnig the skills to become a good direct salesperson will do the same. Many people find after becoming a direct sales person, things seem to change for the better, your communication skills are greatly increased and you will find it a lot easier to deal with difficult people. Your income potential will increase, in fact with direct sales skills the sky's the limit!


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